Hytera hyt MD780/MD780G 25W/45W car radio long range digital car radios

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    US $800.00
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Quick Details
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Vehicle Mouted
60 X 174 X 200 mm
Frequency Range:
400--520MHz; 350-400MHz;
Storage Channel:
64 (16 channels per group)
Talk Range:
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
1000 Perch/Perches per Month
Packaging & Delivery
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Video Description

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Special feature

Friendly interface display and button design
The MD780 / 780G features a large color LCD display for clear indication of information even in outdoor glare; the seven programmable keys provide quick access to the features you need to increase your communications productivity.

Reliable and durable quality
The MD780 / 780G meets stringent MIL-STD-810 C / D / E / F / G and IP54 industrial protection standards and performs well in a variety of harsh operating environments.

Higher spectrum utilization, channel multiplication
TDMA dual-slot technology to significantly improve spectrum utilization, MD780 / 780G can be based on the original frequency resources to accommodate more than double the channel, eased the pressure on the growing shortage of spectrum resources.

Dual-slot virtual cluster function
As a function of Hytera's PDT products, dual-slot virtual cluster technology can allocate the currently available time slots to members who need to talk and improve the bandwidth utilization. In some emergency situations, to help you timely delivery of important information.

Voice encryption
In addition to providing the inherent encryption of digital technology, the MD780 / 780G also offers higher levels of encryption (such as 256-bit encryption) and scrambling (optional).

Rich business functions
In addition to the traditional communications services, the MD780 / 780G also supports a wide range of data services and optional features such as text messaging, scanning, emergency alerting, tail alarm, tail channel switching, auto registration, high speed data transfer, and work alone Features.

Open secondary development interface
The MD780 / 780G offers an open front-panel and back-panel secondary development interface that allows users or third-party vendors to develop richer applications to expand intercom functionality.

Optional version of the interface
MD780 / 780G supports optional version of the interface, allowing third-party vendors to develop a variety of applications and walkie-talkie connected to control walkie-talkies to expand its functionality, support for call recording, encryption * and so on. Please consult API programmers for more information.

Analog + digital dual-mode
The MD780 / 780G supports both digital and analog modes and is compatible with existing conventional analog systems to ensure the smooth transition of analog products to digital products.

Complete voice call function
The intelligent signaling provided by the MD780 / 780G supports multiple call modes, including single call, group call, full call, and emergency call.

Analog / digital telephone interconnect (via DTMF signaling)
The MD780 / 780G supports one-way calling between interphone users and phone users. A walkie-talkie user is allowed to initiate a phone call to a phone user, or a phone user initiates a call or group call to a walkie talkie user. This feature utilizes commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) analog telephone sets and Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) to connect intercom users to the public office telephone system (PBX) or public switched telephone network (PSTN).

Noise suppression, voice is better
The MD780 / 780G incorporates advanced narrowband speech codec technology and digital error correction technology for clear speech in noisy environments and at the edge of coverage. The use of AGC technology, but also optimize the voice reception. Built-in 5W high-power loudspeaker to ensure clear and loud voice, allowing you to easily maintain smooth communication.

Data Business
MD780 / 780G support send a call, group call text messaging capabilities. It also supports third-party APIs (GPS, intercom registration service, intercom and call control, telemetry *, data transfer *) or telemetry control walkie-talkies.

Accessories extensions
The MD780 / 780G supports third-party development extensions via the front panel and back panel of the car's front panel and back panel. The back panel secondary development interface already supports wake-up channel switching and wake-up alarm.

Support a variety of advanced analog signaling
The MD780 / 780G supports a wide range of analog signaling, including the HDC1200, DTMF *, 2-Tone and 5-Tone, and more squelch control types (sub-A / C) for greater functional expansion.

Support multi-language display
Supports 13 languages (English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Korean, Greek and Portuguese), users can choose their own language .

Supplementary business
MD780 / 780G support walkie-talkie inspection, remote monitoring, call tips, activation and remote kill and other supplementary services.

A key call
The one-button calling features supported by the MD780 / 780G include text messaging, voice calling and supplementary services.

The MD780 / 780G supports scanning of pure analog voice and signaling, pure digital voice and data, and analog and digital activity in mixed mode.

Voice and data encryption
The MD780 / 780G supports analog scrambling as well as Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and ARCFOUR (ARC4) encryption algorithms for digital voice and data.

The MD780 / 780G supports automatic roaming on all IP interconnection systems.

Software upgradeable
Convenient upgrade feature allows you to directly add new features through software upgrade without having to purchase a new machine.

GPS positioning
MD780 / 780G support view GPS + Beidou positioning information, but also send GPS text messages.


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Company Information
       Guangzhou Minxing Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2008, is a professional engaged in radio research and development, production of the manufacturers. All of our products meet international quality standards. Since its establishment, thousands of products have been exported to over 120 countries and regions in Pakistan, India, Australia, Russia, Colombia, Ukraine, Georgia and the United States.



Packaging & Shipping

1.Q: Are you a manufacturer?

A: Founded in 2008, owning a 23,000 square meters manufacturing base, more than 200 R&D engineers and 300 manufacturing workers, we are among one of the top manufacturer and designer in China mainland for two-way radios and systems.


2.Q: What is MOQ (Minimum order quantity)

A: 2 pcs for sample test first is recommended. The price policy sets MOQ for bulk order based on cooperation relationship with us as a distributor, dealer or premium dealer, or OEM cooperation. Please contact us for details.


3.Q: Do you accept customized?

A: Rebranding is acceptable and OEM&ODM is welcomed.


4. Q: Could you offer free sample to test?

A: Sample will be charged firstly, but will be refund to you when you put bulk order on us.


5.Q: When can I find tracking information of sample?

A: We will send you the tracking number of sample within 2 days after delivery.